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Why solar water pump? BRIO PUMP

Extremely low operating cost:

The main advantage of a solar water pump is that it uses sunlight with no cost at all. As a solar water pump minimizes the dependence on electricity or diesel, once installed, there is no recurring cost of electricity or fuel.

Comparatively low maintenance:

As compared to conventional water pumps, the solar water pumps require very low maintenance. Solar water pumps have less moving parts than other water pumps so the chances of deterioration are very few.

Simple and highly reliable:

As there is a reduced dependence on electricity and fuel, issues like power cuts, low voltage and single-phase problems do not affect the functioning of solar water pumps at all. In remote areas with erratic electric supply, these pumps turn out to be much more reliable than traditional electric pumps.


Other water pumps (diesel or propane-based) create noise and air pollution, whereas the solar water pumps are environment-friendly as they do not require any fuel to operate. As these solar water pumps are powered by the traditional source of energy, they do not release any harmful substances that can cause serious issues like Global warming.

Economically beneficial:

Solar water pumps can be blessings for Indian farmers. For farmers, Solar water pumps can be an alternative source of income. Apart from using it for water irrigation, farmers can sell the surplus energy to the grid. Also, the government of India has announced a subsidy on solar pumps for farmers.

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