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Selecting the solar water pump #guideline by BRIO PUMP

Different water pump types are used for different applications. Usually, the water level will determine which pump to use. Different types of water pumps can be selected to be used in streams, wells or in ponds. There are basically two types of solar water pumps:

1. Submersible water pumps can be used to lift water from great depths of up to 800 feet deep

2. Surface water pumps can be used to pump surface water of 10-20 feet deep.

Solar water pump systems typically also come with control electronics, or simply: solar water pump contolers, that allow for various automatic operational settings without the system operator actually being present, which is particularly important in off-grid and agricultural applications or where the user cannot attend to the system every day. The control electronics are not simply start and stop switches, but also allow to set water pumping schedules, speed of flow and pressure of water supply. Advanced controlers have integrated online functions, enabling users to monitor from distance the status and condition of the system and the related applications.

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