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Solar Energy Makes Sense.

Solar technology has proven to not only be the most efficient energy alternative, but it is also an extremely profitable and reliable investment. Building owners who make the switch not only generate clean energy, but they will also make thousands of dollars in savings over the solar system’s lifespan. Domestic, commercial building and Agriculture industries are losing money every month on their electricity bills and Diesel. Investing in solar gives one control of their energy costs, and once the system itself is paid for, energy becomes free for the next 25 or so years!


BrioTek+ Solar inverter is a new generation of solar inverter which helps to keep battery in healthy condition due advanced MPPT technology simultaneously supply to the load and helps to priory’s use of Green Energy generated from Solar Array. BrioTek+ could charge battery automatically from photovoltaic systems the charging process has been optimized for long battery life & designed to handle the load. NextBrio Make BrioTek+ MPPT based inverter are designed for highest efficiency zero drop technology integrated with advanced microprocessor. BrioTek+ inverter is available in two models with lithium battery and without battery/external battery. 


Key Features:


  • Advanced DSP hi speed microprocessor inside.

  • Auto selection for batteries 12V and 24V.

  • LCD Display

  • Data Monitoring on Mobile Phones.(Optional)

  • Reliable and longer life.

  • Inbuilt (MPPT ) technology Charge Controller

  • High Efficiency

  • 4 stage charging

  • Always prior for solar power

  • Intelligent battery monitoring

  • Inbuilt protection for battery over/under charge

  • Solar Prioritization

  • Compact and eco-friendly design

  • Wall mounting.

  • AC input option .

Electronic Protections:

  • Over voltage protection

  • Over current charging protection

  • Deep discharge protection

  • Battery reverse protection

  • PV reverse protection

  • Over temperature protection

  • Solar High/Low cut protection

Benefit of Using MPPT Technology :

Why  BrioTek+ Solar inverter ?


  • Plug and play installation, No need to call expert or electrician to install.

  • Alternate AC input port available ,to run the Solar inverter even in bad or no sunny day.

  • Powerful LiPo4 26Ah battery with smart BMS (SG technology ) gives best performance and 1500 cycle charge /4 year of life.

  • LiPo4 Battery replacement is available with us .Easy replacement of Battery in future.

  • With One Fan and 1 Led system can run 18 hours (5 hours on Direct Solar and 13 hours on backup) .

  • Inbuilt Port Available to use 2 LED bulbs, 1 mobile charger , 1 FAN (table, Pedestal or Ceiling) .

  • We recommend minimum 75W PV for both the model . 

  • Best Suitable for Shops , Small homes , Rural areas where no grid or major power cut   & office etc.

  • Maintenance free & comes with 1 yr warranty.

  • One the best inverter available in this price range and product range.

Productive Appliances :


Smart Home Solution, this Solar FAN can run from solar for 4 hours and backup of 6 hours ,this can be charged from Solar energy and AC input as well. Inbuilt battery makes this solution more compact .SOLAR FAN SOLUTIONS comes with Solar panel, 2 Led DC bulbs, Universal charger and Rechargeable FAN.

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