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Low operational costs “Brio Solar Pump”

Operational cost savings are achieved as the system requires no fossil fuels, can be fully remotely managed and is designed to have a long working life. The result is very low, or no operating costs.

Our products are manufactured using state of-the-art technology. With a majority of the components being manufactured in-house, we are able to extend the value chain, optimize sourcing costs and enhance quality control in our products.

NextBrio is a prime dealer of Submersible & surface solar pumps since last many years. It is due to our continuous effort in this field that has helped us create a wider market for our pump sets all over the UP ,Karnataka ,Chennai ,Madhya Pradesh ,J&K and Rajasthan. Our Submersible & Surface solar pumps are cost – effective and Electricity saving. Once installed, these solar pumps give an optimum and efficient use without breakage

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The outer body of our solar pumps comprise of Stainless Steel due to which there is a proper alignment between the body of the pump and inner components. Thus a single aligned high durability pump is created. The company produces two types of such solar pumps. The radial flow type is manufactured for high head & low discharge and mixed flow type for high discharge & low head. The bearings of the submersible solar pumps are water lubricated.


The Secret behind the success in achieving such a unique design & performance is our Design and Development department lead by qualified personnel having a vast experience of the field. Customer satisfaction is one of the most important factors that are equally responsible for our progress in the market. It is due to our goodwill in the market by means of which we have an international demand for our products.

“Our products are manufactured using state of-the-art technology. With a majority of the components being manufactured in-house, we are able to extend the value chain, optimise sourcing costs and enhance quality control in our products”.

We are professional solar water pump systems manufacturers and suppliers in India, We Factory develop and produce Solar Power Submersible Pumps, Solar Power Surface Centrifugal Pumps, Solar Power Vortex Pumps, Solar Power Pool Pumps and Domestic pumps which are widely used in agricultural irrigation systems, water supply for livestock, swimming pool systems, pond, daily water supply, homes, industries, barren areas of governance.

Adhering to the concept of "integrity, innovation, win-win cooperation”, NextBrio is a leading provider of drive & zero-carbon and energy-saving technology, we have a strong and experienced technical team for research and development. We work collaboratively to build intelligent and efficient energy environment, making lives better, happier, and healthier for people everywhere.

Benefits of Solar Water Pump
  • No fuel cost & minimum maintenance cost

  • More economical than diesel pump sets in the long run

  • Enables cultivation of an extra crop

  • Helps in providing critical protective irrigation in water-scarce areas

  • Saves time and labor

  • Improves agriculture productivity

  • Improves general quality of life with higher levels of income

  • Incremental income enables easy repayment loan taken for installing the system

Pump & Motor
  • Energy efficient BLDC Motor

  • Stainless Steel Rotor.

  • Rare earth magnets which can withstand temperature up to 160C

  • High-quality Ceramic carbon thrust bearing

  • Leak-proof motor filled with water for frictionless operation

  • Laser welded impellers

  • Strainer for sandy water

  • 100% Stainless steel AISI304 parts

  • Built-in MPPT for maximum output

  • Sensor less Dry running protection and automatic restart  

  • Thermal overload shut down to avoid damage to the Motor Or the Controller

  • Remote monitoring

  • Remote start and stop

  • Short circuit protected

  • IP54 and IP65 certified enclosures.


Remote Monitoring System (BRO –Smart RMS)

  • GSM/GPRS based solar drive monitoring unit.

  • Quad band support for GSM850MHz, EGSM900MHz, DCS1800MHz & PCS1900MHz.

  • Network location mapping using network co-ordinates.

  • Nano sim support for ease of accessibility.

  • Sim ESD protection for failsafe operation.

  • Short circuit protection for unit safety in accidental occurrences.

  • Reverse polarity protection implemented for unit.

  • Micro-SD Card support upto 64GB for Data logging only.

  • Robust Modbus transceiver with additional ESD, EFT & Surge Immunity.

For more info refer to Brio-pumps Catalogue
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