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solar-powered irrigation Pumps ( BRIO PUMP) for remote areas

A solar-powered water pump is a concept that is environmentally-friendly. More importantly, it is a concept that gets rid of any power grids or fossil fuels used to pump water out of the ground

In times when the whole world is switching to solar, using the sun’s energy in water pumping systems can considerably help and speed up the development of agriculture in Asian countries and many other poor remote areas. This concept is known as solar-powered irrigation and is used in many regions nowadays.

The truth is, solar energy might be the easiest way for farmers to produce energy, especially for those living off the electricity grids with poor infrastructure around their homes. Therefore, the use of solar water pumps in agriculture is becoming increasingly popular. The concept of solar irrigation represents a virtuous circle—when the sun shines, it feeds the irrigation system and feeds the crops which are dependant on water in sunny weather. Therefore, a large quantity of energy is being released right at the time when it is needed the most.

Solar water pumps, along with appropriate agricultural technologies and water conservation at the local level, have huge potential in India as they provide water for irrigation to villages at the micro level. Such local level provision for water results in less wastage and doesn't call for electric or diesel pumps thereby reducing farmers' expenditure. The government and many not-for-profits have been trying to pilot such initiatives in different parts of India. These initiatives have exposed various important issues plaguing the irrigation system in India.

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