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VFD -Demands lower power

Since the primary purpose of a VFD is precise SPEED CONTROL so that motor speeds can be ramped up and ramped down and the connected load can be maintained at the required speeds, which only utilizes the energy required. Knowing this, we wanted to breakdown the tangible and intangible benefits of installing a VFD.

Now days VFD is becoming popular to run Solar pump , Atta Chakki & other motorized stuffs , Solar pump segment people are still struglling to get best controller to extract the best output from existing PMSM /BLDC motor pumps , VFD is giving best option to run these pumps . Yes AC solar pumps controllers are very sucessful ( exp. BRIO PUMP controller in IP65 model) .

1- smooth starting

2- smooth acceleration & deceleration time

3- stopping methods

4- reversal of motor

5- reduce harmonics

6- increase power factor

7- and last but surely not least you can save huge money :-) .

It all depends on the application but you also save on energy costs/Demand costs. VFDs provide only a final element for Demand cost controls, while for many uses of motors, including most centrifugal pumps, VFDs match equipment capability to current use more efficiently than alternatives such as throttling valves.

INVT Drivers are one the best option available in market . Its fortunate that BRIO PUMP has colleborated with INVT company to give best options based upon customer demand.

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