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Innovation & technology enhance in Solar Pump

The cost of solar water technology has come down to its best, making it is a viable way to expand access to energy for hundreds of millions of people living in energy poverty. For farmers and irrigation industries in developing countries, the growing availability of solar water pumps offers a viable alternative to system dependent on fossil fuel or grid electricity. While relatively limited, experience in several countries shows how solar irrigation pumps can make farmers more resilient against the erratic shifts in rainfall patterns caused by climate change or the unreliable supply and high costs of fossil fuels needed to operate water pumps. Experience also suggests a number of creative ways that potential water resource trade-offs can be addressed.

In our country, the government has opted to subsidize solar irrigation pumps, and there are now over 30 million operating in fields today. They are particularly beneficial in India’s north eastern agricultural regions where there is less access to grid power and diesel generators are more prevalent. Solar pumps can displace fossil fuels, reducing carbon emissions and general pollution while providing a consistent source of energy suited to irrigation pumps. After the initial investment in the pump system, the operating cost of pumping water is close to zero, enabling farmers to pump as much as they want at no marginal cost. This brings to the forefront the importance of developing “smart” controllers and pumps, where farmers can benefit from increased yield/income and at the same time ensure an efficient use of both energy and water resources. These “Smart” Solar water pump Controllers can be used to address or reduce indirect risks, such as over extraction of groundwater by using IOT alarm feature and over flow control, while still allowing farmers and governments to reap the benefits of solar irrigation technology. NextBrio Private Limited, UP based MSME brought smart solar water pump controller solution in his own Brand “BRIO PUMP” which has advance MPPT tracking, IP65 and 10% more efficient to regular pumps controller available in market .Team of young leaders continuously working to reduce the cost of Pump and controller. Now Cost of BRIO PUMP controller is 25% less and strong believer of MAKE IN INDIA mission. The reduction in the cost of solar is startling when one considers the evolution over the longer term. This cost advantage & compactness of the BRIO PUMP controller & pump, coupled with growing thirst for renewable energy in developing countries will certainly increase the uptake of solar technology. Today, policymakers have a chance to shape how solar irrigation technology evolves and introduce incentives to motivate such smart solar solutions. #BRIOPUMP

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